What it takes to become an electrician?

What it takes to become an electrician?

An electrician’s job is rewarding and hands-on. There are many opportunities to grow your career. The projected job growth is +4.9% over the next five years makes becoming an electrician a great choice for both career changers as well as school-leavers. Learn how to become an electrician if you are interested in a rewarding career.

How to become an electrician in Queensland

An electrician is a tradesperson who works on electrical networks. The job involves repairing, maintaining, installing, testing, and maintaining electrical appliances and systems. There are many different types of electrical work: residential; commercial; industrial. Being an electrician is a job that requires…

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Normal colour vision and good eyesight
  • People skills and communication
  • Excellent skills in English and math
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Attention to detail

An apprenticeship is required to become an electrician. It combines training in trade school and practical work experience. This includes obtaining your Certificate III as Electrotechnology Electrician and passing licensing exams.

An electrician is a restricted call in Queensland. This means that strict rules must be followed when employing people under 18. If they meet the requirements, students in Years 11 and 12 might be eligible for school-based apprenticeships. Some employers might require that you have completed Year 12.

Sound good? Continue reading to learn the steps to becoming an electrician.

1. Tafe studies

You can start your career as an electrician by taking a Certificate I in Electrotechnology (Career Start), at Tafe. You can get a feel for the industry and decide if it is right for you. Depending on the program you choose, the certificate can be completed in 7-13 weeks.

2. Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in electrical engineering combines hands-on experience with structured training through a registered training organization. One apprenticeship takes approximately four years. You’ll be able to use your practical experience as well as a Certificate III In Electrotechnology Electrician (UEE30811).

Your apprenticeship can be done as a sole trader or with a company. Your supervisor will help you develop real-world skills throughout your apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can be paid! Rates will vary depending on where you live and your age, but they increase each year as you get more experience.

3. 3. Apply for your license

You can apply for an electric license to work unsupervised after you have completed your apprenticeships. Remember that licensing and registration requirements can vary from one state to the next, so make sure to contact your state’s licensing agency.

Do you want to become an electrician?

You want to be an electrician. You’re in the right place! Great choice! The Australian apprenticeship system prepares future electricians with real-world experience. You can be sure that you will succeed if you put in the work! An electrician’s day is full of opportunities and rewards. You can work for many different companies or start your own business.

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