Top 12 tips to reduce your energy bill

Top 12 tips to reduce your energy bill

We get this question often from clients: “How can I lower my electricity bill?” It’s not everyone’s favourite time. And for some, it can be very stressful financially. Your electricity bill is affected by many factors, including the climate, your lifestyle, and the size of the house. Let’s dive in – based on our experience as licensed electricians here are some ways to lower your home’s electricity bill.

Change to LED lights

Did you know that halogen lights can use up to five times as much energy as LED lights? LED lights have a longer lifespan, which can help you save money. By September 2020, all halogen lamps in Australia will be outlawed. So why not switch to LED lights early? It will be good for the environment as well as your bank account.

All lights cannot be used with LED. You might have to change your fixtures and dimmers. To learn more about LED lighting installations, book an on-site electrical consultation with us.

Use appliances during off-peak hours

Knowing the details of your electricity plan is important because you may get a lower rate for off-peak usage. Off-peak refers to the times when most people don’t use their appliances. This is usually mid-day or late in the evening. Try to time your dishwashing and laundry machine cycles for off-peak hours if you can.

Energy-efficient appliances

Your home’s total energy consumption is directly affected by appliances. Although energy-efficient appliances are more costly upfront, they can save you money in the long term. Look at their energy rating label next time you are looking to buy new appliances.

View appliance settings

Take a look at how your large appliances are set up, such as your refrigerator and freezer. The temperature can be adjusted by just a few degrees. Many people keep their freezers and fridges at a lower temperature than necessary for food preservation.

Turn off the wall

Your appliances will still use power when they are plugged in even if they aren’t being used. When you’re not using small appliances like kettles, toasters or phone chargers, turn off the plugs at your wall outlet for TVs, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Instead of using the AC, use fans

To cut down AC costs, consider getting a ceiling fan installed. These fans are very affordable to operate and are especially useful in spring and autumn, when full-blown AC may not be needed. To help circulate the air in the room, turn up the AC a few degrees.

Set the thermostat or adjust the air conditioner

A simple adjustment of the temperature by 1-2 degrees can make a big difference to your power bill. In summer, you can turn the heat up a bit and the thermostat down a little in winter. Energy is used less when you are closer to the outside temperature.

Insulate your house

Insulating your home not only keeps it warm in winter but also helps to keep it cool during summer. Insulating your home today will reduce energy costs for many years. A fully insulated home can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40-50%

Keep doors closed

Your home shouldn’t heat up in the sun for too long, then have to cool it down to 16 degrees at night. Your home will stay cooler throughout the day by closing blinds and curtains. You should also make sure that the AC is only on in the rooms you are in. If you don’t use the AC, close all doors. Your bill will be lower if the AC does less work.

Use Eco mode and Cold Wash

Use eco modes on appliances as often as you can. Eco modes have a lower wash and rinse temperatures which require less heat to heat the water. A shorter wash cycle means that Eco modes use less water overall. Also, it is a good idea to do a cold washing whenever you can. A hot wash may be necessary from time to time, but not always!

Dry clothes and dishes

You can save a lot of money by skipping the dryer cycle. There’s no reason to dry your clothes in Australia’s sunshine. To dry your clothes outside, hang them up and open the dishwasher door to air-dry dishes.

Get solar

Did you know that 21% of Australian homes have rooftop solar? You’ll be able to generate some of your own electricity with solar. This will mean that you won’t have to purchase as much energy from the grid. This will reduce both your energy consumption and your carbon footprint. Solar hot water systems are very popular. Solar hot water systems are very popular because they use large amounts of electricity to heat water. This makes them a great option to cut down on your energy costs.

It’s not about investing in technology to reduce your long-term costs, but rather about changing your habits. It will become second nature to dry your laundry at home and turn off all appliances at the wall. These 12 tips will help you reduce your electricity bills by a lot.

Do you need help switching to energy-efficient technology more efficiently? Let’s talk about how we can help you! Get a free assessment on-site and a quote from All Kind Air & Electrical.

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